We enable ambitious technology and service providers to achieve successful market entry, sustainable growth and continuous marketing innovation in Europe and Asia.

Strong Brand Positioning for Global Growth

Brands give orientation and credibility and are often a decisive reason for buying – especially in very competitive environments. With our support, you will tell your story even better on a global scale. Stakes are high that you, your sales and product teams are so much into the products that your storyline has become very technically-minded. With a well thought-out brand positioning and marketing plan, we help you to tell the story in your target market. We identify the right channels together with you and make the right level of noise.

when three become business growth


Not only new customers can relate easier to your offering; you also better with other important stakeholders like distributors, associations or political institutions.

Not only new customers can relate easier to your offering; you also engage better with other important stakeholders like distributors, associations or political institutions.

By engaging different personas via media, TV, social media etc., your company becomes relevant for a broader audience, maybe even a thought leader.

Existing customers remain engaged and new customers become curious. Because you support them with regular updates about industry trends and your company’s development.

Building brands and teams between Asia and Europe

Your company is based in Asia or Europe, and you are planning to gain foothold on the other continent? We support your foreign market entries and growth strategies on both sides. Localized brand positioning and communication strategies are indispensable for business success. We do not only help you to identify the most suitable marketing and PR strategy and to get the ball rolling across different channels like website, social media, PR or events. We are your kickstarter in new international markets until you are ready to build and/or expand your own team. We act as your mediator in global organizations with various stakeholders. And we are your continuous inspiration for new stories and activities.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts



Translating your positioning to the local needs, trends and language makes it relevant


Gaining visibility in new markets will boost your reputation, thus your business


Knowing the particularities of different stakeholders, we save you a lot of time and money by smooth collaboration

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Committed marketing and PR professionals

We are a network of global communication and international marketing professionals. We play cross-media channels for multinational companies - digitally and internationally.

Knowledgeable industry experts

The network of CS Marketing & Sales Solutions does not only encompass marketing specialists and pros in communication. Dedicated experts also excel in industry knowledge. After all, we are industry experts who have practical expertise in industries that require explanation, such as logistics, maritime, machinery or household appliances.


We are true cosmopolitans with profound professional and management experience on site in Asia, Europe and Latin America. Our special focus is on marketing and communication between Asia and Europe.

Fairness and integrity

As self-employed professionals, the CS Marketing & Sales Solutions network members work directly for companies, for advertising and communications agencies, and for management consultancies. Regardless of who our customer is: Our goal is a forward-looking collaboration that is fun even under heavy workloads and where everyone can gain something for themselves. That’s why fairness and integrity are essential components of our culture.

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