We are a multicultural team of branding and marketing strategists, proficient project managers and experienced experts in design, digital marketing, and research. Leveraging on our presence in Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam, coupled with extensive market knowledge spanning diverse Southeast Asian and European markets, we adeptly strategize, plan, and execute marketing and branding projects of all sizes.

Pragmatic Strategists and Expert Marketers

Our work evolves through discussions on business goals, product strategies, pricing, sales tactics, customer service, and target audiences. Subsequently, we devise innovative solutions to address your challenges and determine the most effective storylines and channels. This adaptable process ensures a lean and swift approach or a more detailed one, depending on the task’s complexity. In many instances, our advisors, who are adept project managers themselves, serve as the primary point of contact for implementation. For larger projects, we integrate expert project managers into the team.

PALLAS BrandFare team

A network of global free-minded professionals

With a professional background in logistics – an industry where thinking in networks is part of the business model to keep goods moving around the globe – founder Corinna firmly believes in the power of networks. PALLAS BrandFare is therefore built on collaborating with entrepreneurs and freelancers – the same as traditional advertising agencies do, but in a transparent and very pragmatic way. Corinna is curating this network personally, differentiating her business partners following the tier model of the automotive industry.

Three tiers for business success

Tier 1 network members have become regular partners through constant collaboration on internal and external projects, which we are happy to showcase. They are also the partners most in demand for successfully implementing marketing tactics, such as designers and web designers.

Tier 2 members are professionals with whom we work on a less frequent base and/or which have a very specific (industry) know-how.

Tier 3 members are professionals that we got to know e. g. during events personally but not yet engaged in a project. However, we keep each other in mind for opportunities that are relevant to both of us.

Having started my leadership career with several years of functional leadership, I have learned how to build and lead a team based on convication and shared goals. I believe that a network of indepentend and appreciated freelancers will always go beyond and above – because their success is also their future.

Corinna, Founder and Managing Director, PALLAS BrandFare

Meet the NETWORK

The Founder

PALLAS BrandFare founder Corinna gave birth to her company in 2020 upon her return to Europe after four years living and working in Hong Kong. She is often engaged as a sole advisor for interim and/or project management or as a long-term marketing/PR expert. Depending on the project, she creates and steers multidisciplinary teams to implement tools and activities successfully. Corinna’s homebase is Hamburg while spending a major part of the year in Asia, thus living a life in between the continents.

Chrissie Bertram Webdesign

Chrissie Bertram Web designer

Chrissie is a seasoned digital artisan. She blends technical prowess with a creative flair honed over 16 years in her career in web design. Her “Progress over Perfection” mantra underscores her collaborative approach to client projects. By fostering open communication and aligning closely at every stage, she ensures that their vision is not just actualized but elevated.

Vera Damrath Graphicdesigner

Vera Damrath graphic designer

Vera is a multi-skilled graphic designer with over two decades of experience. She is a trusted partner for in-house marketing teams and advertising agencies, lending specialized skills to diverse offline and online projects. Building enduring relationships with exceptional teams and aiding them in achieving their business objectives inspires her.

Jaslyin Qiyu Founder, Mad About Marketing Consulting

Jaslyin has over 20 years of B2B and B2C brand, marketing and communications regional driving marketing transformation, building go-to-market strategies and setting up high performing marketing teams from ground-up in various global MNCs, including EY, Citibank, State Street, Credit Suisse, Kantar and JLL.

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