Empowering Expansion, Growth and Innovation

Whether you’re venturing into a new market, aiming to elevate your marketing to the next level, or finding your marketing and/or communications team overwhelmed and in need of support – we serve as the extra boost to guide you through demanding business phases.

Services and packages for different needs

While we offer 360° communication, we have been meticulously crafting products for services that are in particularly high demand.

  • StrategiX BrandFare for identifying the right positioning, competitive edge and overarching storyline
  • Asia BrandFare and Europe BrandFare for localization of branding and marketing for market entries into new markets
  • Startup BrandFare to address the specific needs of microenterprises and start-ups
  • Digital BrandFare for evaluating and optimizing digital marketing activities with a special view on providers of niche technologies and services


Our collaborative approach ensures the creation of powerful brands and impactful marketing strategies, all while respecting the distinct characteristics and nuances of local markets. Together, we bridge the gap and drive your success.

(Re-)Defining your positioning and storyline

With StrategiX BrandFare, we specialize in identifying your brand’s right market positioning through seamless collaboration among management, sales, product management, and marketing teams. By uncovering your competitive edge, we meticulously craft the overarching storyline that serves as a crucial starting point for developing and launching impactful marketing strategies.

Effective digital marketing for market leaders in niches

SEO, SEA, Google Ads, and Co. have become vital disciplines in marketing. However, many companies find it challenging to effectively use digital awareness and sales creation. We support providers of specialized niche technologies and services to identify the ideal combination of digital and traditional marketing and offer to remain partners for long-term implementation.

Localizing brands for Asia and Europe

Entering new markets presents significant challenges and delicacies. How should you approach localization in different markets? How much localization is necessary? How do you successfully launch your brand in a new market? This is where our localization services come into play. While our methodology for localization is consistent across countries, we differentiate between target markets in Europe and Asia.

Boosting start-ups and micro-enterprises

Microenterprises and start-ups brim with innovation, ambition, and a hands-on approach. We specialize in amplifying unique promises and showcasing the strengths of small entities at manageable and flexible costs. We have developed a modular approach that gives start-ups and microenterprises the flexibility to book support for key marketing needs on-demand and for periods ranging from two months to long-term.  

Trainings to elevate you skills

Boost your marketing power with our expert trainings. From in-house workshops and webinars, to personalised one to one trainings, our established network of experts deliver strategic and operational know-how.


Empower your marketing teams to seamlessly navigate cross-border projects and tailor your brand and product messages to local nuances. Gain practical insights, essential tools, and real-world localization success stories to drive your marketing strategy forward.

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