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Flexible manpower with Your marketing manager in rates

The Marketing Manager In Rates is designed for small and medium-sized companies that require professional, hands-on marketing resources at a manageable cost. Your need may arise due to temporary capacity constraints caused by multiple projects or because your are not yet ready to commit to (another) full-time marketing position. Therefore, your are looking for a marketing freelancer to bridge your lack of resources rather than hiring a person or an agency for specific projects.

Your Advantages

More Power for your marketing team

Flexible resource from an experienced professional that is not only available immediately but also performs on the spot.

Clear cost predictability

Predictable and manageable costs depending on the size of your company

Know-how gain

As part of our collaboration, we enhance the knowledge and professional development of you and your team

Customer voice

The package includes:

Additional Manpower

Resource of an experienced marketing and/or PR expert for a limited period of time at a fixed price

Hands-on Support

Prompt implementation of agreed activities

Flexible Scope of Services

Flexible scope of services depending on the daily work without limitation of types of services

This is exactly right for you if you

This is not for you if you

Why with us?

Experienced marketing and PR professionals

Experienced marketing experts with tried and tested practical knowledge

diligent and efficient project managers

Prudent project managers who know immediately where and how to involve themselves or others to make things happen

Long-term oriented business partners

Team-oriented, long-term collaboration whenever it makes sense for both parties


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